U2, USB, Tristar, 1608A1 IC Replacement


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Service Description

This service is to replace the USB/Lightning detection IC, commonly known as the “U2 IC”.

This is a common part to fail with use of cheap wall chargers, car charges, iPod docks, and other power sources.

The common symptoms for an iPhone 5 U2 IC issue are:

  • Battery won’t charge once flat.
  • Battery won’t charge past X percent.
  • Accessory not supported messages.
  • Rapid battery drain.
  • Not charging/Not detected via USB.
  • No power at all.
  • Error 9 during restore.
  • Low current draw/slow charging
  • Device says charging but percentage goes down
  • Device says charging when there is no cable inserted (Fake Charging)

This service can take an extended amount of time. Please allow for 90 days turnaround.