Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about services.

Can I get a discount if my device has multiple issues, or if i send more than one device?

If your device has multiple issues, you may eligible for a discounted price for repair. This will be assessed per device.

If you are a repeat customer who sends multiple devices (a technician looking to outsource board level repair), a discount may also be offered. A discount will not be provided for first time customers.

Can my device/issue definitely be fixed? If not, what are the chances?

Almost all issues can be fixed. Unfortunately there are no guarantees. Until a device is actually assessed, it is impossible to say if the issue can be fixed, or if the expected issue is the only issue with the device.

Do I have to remove the battery from the device?

Due to aviation law, a device cannot be express shipped via air with a lithium battery in most cases. If you do not wish to remove the battery, or doing so is too hard, you should ship the device via Standard post/Road transport. For more information on why this is the case, ask your local post office or shipping company.

Do you repair boards often? Have you ever done this before?

It sounds like a silly question, yet it gets asked all too often. YES is the answer. No screen replacements and general repairs here, just complex board level repair. This isn’t the first rodeo 🙂

Does the repair come with warranty?

All repairs have a 90 day warranty. Warranty does not cover unrelated issues, or further damage. For example, if a connector is broken, repaired, and then broken again, that is not covered by warranty. Warranty covers the work performed only.

How do I pay for the repair, and do I pay now, or when it is ready?

When the device is ready to be returned to you, you will be sent a PayPal invoice. You can pay this with a PayPal account, or by credit card. Alternatively you can pay via Bank Deposit, but your payment will not be instant. Cheques will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Your device will be shipped back to you after the full amount for the invoice has been received.

How long will the repair take?

Time frames can vary based on what the issue is, how much time is required to diagnose it, how many devices are in the queue, and when your device is actually received. If a part has to be ordered, this will also delay the repair.

The short answer to this question is, your device will be fixed as soon as possible. This typically means 2-7 days from the time your device is received, but in rare cases could be several months.

I have no idea what the issue with my device is. Can you quote me anyway?

Yes! But you have to send the device to be assessed. Fill out the form HERE for more information.

If the device can’t be fixed, or i choose not to go ahead, is there any charge?

Yes. If the device cannot be fixed, and no work was performed to determine this, you must pay return shipping for your device.
If the device cannot be fixed but work had to be performed to determine this, or if you choose not to go ahead with the quoted repair, an assessment fee of $30 must be paid, as well as return shipping.

Is return shipping included in the price?

No. Return shipping is calculated for each device(s). In most cases for devices under 500g, Express return shipping and handling is $13.99, including signature on delivery, and tracking.

Multiple devices can be shipped together and results in a cheaper cost overall.

Is there someone closer to me who can provide these services?

There may be. In Australia, there are quite a few places you could send your device for very basic board repair. For complex board repair, or board repair from a trusted source, the list is substantially shorter.

If you are looking for someone closer to you, within or outside of Australia, head to You can use this service to find a board repair technician or store based on location.

What if my device/board gets damaged in transit?

When shipping the device to be repaired, make sure you pack it well. If you put it straight into a prepaid satchel, its highly likely it will be damaged.

You should put the device inside a box, and wrap it well in bubble wrap or foam. If you are shipping a board, the board should be taped to or between something rigid (like cardboard), then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box.

You should fill as much space inside the box as possible so that the device is firmly secured and protected. If it is damaged in transit as a result of not doing so, you will be liable for the damage.

When the device is returned to you, the same precautions will be taken. Should you receive the package with signs of damage (it hasn’t happened yet), please take photos of the damage prior to opening the box.

What if my device/issue isn’t listed?

If you can’t find your device, or the issue you are having is not listed, fill out the form HERE

Where do I send my device? What is the process?

If you are ready to send your device for repair, head to the Mail-in Submission page, and fill out the form.

Why do you only offer “Data Recovery” on water damaged devices?

When a device is water damaged, any number of issues can occur. Sometimes the device will function but have no backlight, sometimes it will do nothing at all.

There are so many variables when water damaged is concerned, that no promises can be made the damage will not progressively get worse. More often than not, just getting the device to a state where data can be recovered requires hours upon hours of extensive board level work.

The fact that rice has been widely spread as a cure for water damaged devices, and that most people choose to dry the device out and try to charge or use it, doesn’t help at all. The electricity needs to be completely removed from the device, and the reality is, it almost never is.

In some cases the device may be fully functional after a data recovery service, but there are no guarantees issues won’t occur later on.

As devices become more complex, and the components become more dense, water damage becomes more and more of an issue. In today’s world, there is no point offering anything other than data recovery for a water damaged devices.

This doesn’t mean the device will be completely useless after a data recovery service. There are many previously water damaged devices that are fully functional, and have been for years. What it does mean though, is that beyond getting the data off the device, no warranty can be provided at all.

Australian law requires you to provide 90 days warranty on a service. For this reason, the service provided is for data recovery only. If the device or any part of it stops working weeks, or months down the track, the data was still recovered, the service was provided as described, and it doesn’t become a hole in anyone’s pocket.

If the data on the device is not important to you, please don’t send it in, or ask for a quote for repair.

Will the repair void the manufacturers warranty?

Most likely, yes, However if the device has ever been damaged (broken screen, water damage, board damage from previous repair attempts) your warranty is probably already void. It is entirely your responsibility to determine if your device is under warranty and if repairs can/should be made by a third party.

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